ROXBOX Crystal Mining Bucket


Looking for a unique and educational gift for your little one?

Look no further than ROXBOX crystal mining buckets – the ultimate treasure hunt for curious kids.

Our starter box contains everything your child needs to become a crystal hunter, including:

10 crystals specimens hidden in clean NZ sand
Treasure map – for learning about crystals
Scoopie – for finding crystals
Confetti crystals – a mixture of smaller crystals

How it Works

The aim of the game is to hunt for crystal treasures then learn about your collection.

1. Prep
Head outside with a bowl or bucket of water, and remove the tamper seal from your ROXBOX.

2. Crystal Hunt
Scoop – Dunk – Jiggle! Use the scoopie to to take one scoop of treasure mix, dunk it into water, then jiggle it to let the sand flow through and reveal your treasure.

3. Learn
Use the Treasure Map to identify your crystals and learn about their origin.

4. Re-use
There are endless ways to play with your crystals, and re-use your box or scoopie.

What’s in the box?

The ROXBOX Crystal Hunting Starter Box comes with 10 rough crystal specimens including clear quartz, aventurine, selenite, rose quartz, orange calcite, blue calcite, obsidian, tiger’s eye, zebra calcite, sodalite.

You also get a scoop of assorted smaller crystals (confetti crystals).

ROXBOX is more than just a box of rocks – it’s a hands-on, educational game that teaches children about geology, minerals, and the earth’s natural treasures.

Our founder, a real geologist, has designed each kit to offer a fun and sensory experience that encourages kids to use their bodies and minds to earn their reward.

With zero screen time, ROXBOX is the perfect way to get your kids outdoors and engaged with the natural world. So why wait? Order your ROXBOX crystal mining bucket today and start your child on a journey of discovery that will last a lifetime.

Learn more about ROXBOX or explore their blog.

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