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The ethos behind Abrand is that it is a brand of the people. No frills, no unnecessary bullshit. A brand made cool by the people that wear it. Abrand is nothing without the people that wear it. It is your brand. Wear it your way. Abrand jeans is not only known for fit but also quality of denim that will last the distance and premium fabrics in the most flattering fits and authentic washes. Woven with a combination of irregular twist yarns that shrinks differently during wash, allowing a unique surface texture with beautiful highs and lows. The individual and natural character of the long staple, premium cotton yarns used in the process also makes every piece unique. Abrand has mixed the irregular twist cotton with elastane stretch yarns in the weft, which gives the fabric incredible stability, hold and comfort. Abrand is the brand of the future, and therefore needs to be a leader in sustainability. You’ve heard of their eco collection taking water saving to the next level. They have also introduced organic cotton and tencelll lyocell, the next chapter on their journey to full sustainability. Abrand’s future friendly eco collection takes water saving to the next level. The eco collection only uses recycled water and only biodegradable chemicals which results in 50% less energy used and 90% less water used. Abrand has spent a lot of time working with their factories from start to finish, to ensure that when you are wearing your Abrand eco denim, you will not only look good, but feel good too.