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Champion doesn’t just make classic American athletic wear, they invented it. As the original inventors of the hoodie, Champion has long pioneered products that give meaning to the world. Authenticity continues to define how they find purpose; innovation continues to drive them forward. In 1928 Champion went directly to coaches and athletes to determine their needs. Instead of selling their products through retailers, they built relationships with athletes and their coaches. This enabled them to gain insights on types of products they needed to perform at their best. The origin of the “hoodie” in the 1930’s was the result of athlete insights. Champion designed the hooded sweatshirt for use as a warm-up or “sideline” garment for athletes to wear in-between game time or practice sessions. The addition of the hood to the sweatshirt would forever cement their hoodies in athletic wear and fashion history. Today, Champion hoodies come in a variety of styles and fabrics like their Classic Fleece, Reverse Weave, Powerblend, Soft Touch and Campus French Terry hoodies. Champion’s “C” logo appeared for the first time and was affixed from then on to the left sleeve of each sweatshirt. This logo and positioning would become synonymous with the brand. Champion outfitted the men’s and women’s Dream Teams in 1992 and 1996. Their jerseys were worn by the winning men’s Dream Team in 1992, widely considered the greatest roster of USA basketball players ever. The winning 1996 women’s Dream Team helped launch the WNBA. Champion was the official outfitter of the NBA from 1989-2001, and the official WNBA outfitter from 1997-2001. Champion loves to collaborate and express creativity in the world. Champion aims to inspire your self-expression. Champion transformed women's athletic market by introducing stylish, mix-and-match Physical Education uniforms in 1968. We became a leader in athletic uniforms in the 70s and have continued our commitment to women through the years with innovative products to serve female athletes, including the pioneering the sports bra.