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The K-Way brand was established in Paris in 1965. On a rainy day, clothes retailer Léon-Claude Duhamel watched as people rushed by in soaking wet clothes, clutching uncomfortable umbrellas in their hands. This gave him the idea of creating a waterproof object that could be carried at all times, but which was neither an umbrella nor a raincoat. So a revolutionary jacket was conceived: lightweight, comfortable and waterproof, and which, above all, could be folded into a small pouch. This product was soon launched on the market and proved to be a success from the beginning, with 250,000 pieces sold in the first year. In the 1970s K-Way entered into many partnerships with various ski teams. K-Way has achieved such popularity that today it can be defined as one of the few very well-known and legally recognized brands included as an entry in the Italian dictionary. K-Way®is the waterproof jacket par excellence: classic, modern, technologic, functional and coloured. K-Way® collections include historic jackets with heat-sealed zip, that can be folded in a small bag and are made of waterproof, windproof, warm and breathable materials, as well as fashionable clothing and accessories, which feature the same characteristics of practicality and functionality.