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Mitchell & Ness was established in 1904 by Frank Mitchell and Charles Ness. They set the future of authentic in motion when they met up in Philadelphia to establish Mitchell & Ness Sporting Goods. At first, they specialised in stringing tennis racquets, constructing custom-made golf clubs and making uniforms for local Philly teams. In 1933, the Mitchell & Ness label made their NFL debut. They started making uniforms for the Philadelphia Eagles, a partnership that would continue for 30 years. Not long after, in 1938, the brand entered professional baseball, producing uniforms for the Philadelphia Athletics, as well as outfitting the Phillies a few years later. In 1985, the brand received a request that helped them pivot in a new direction. A customer inquired about making repairs to his game-worn 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates vest and his game-worn 1949 St. Louis Browns jersey. This sparked an idea that would change everything. Craft historically-accurate, vintage, authentic baseball jerseys and apparel. Hence, Mitchell & Ness Nostalgia Co. was born. Today, Mitchell & Ness Nostalgia Co. offers authentic vintage jerseys and apparel collections for the MLB, NFL, NBA, NCAA and MLS. The jerseys become increasingly popular among entertainers and athletes, making frequent appearances in music videos and magazines. While trends come and go, Mitchell & Ness jerseys remain popular among sports’ greatest enthusiast: the true fan. Today the category continues to prosper within the assortment, and in some ways has become more synonymous with the brand than any of the brands other product lines. By the time the early 2000’s arrived, they had become giants in the world of sports apparel. Celebrities and sports enthusiasts alike began to wear their favorite players’ authentic jerseys as a statement. Fueling the evolution of streetwear, Our Hardwood Classic, Cooperstown Collection and Throwback retro jerseys were coveted by athletes and artists from around the globe. By tying glorious legacies of the past to modern moments throughout NBA history, every stitch of every garment we make serves a passionate purpose. That the nostalgic days gone by deserve to be captured and recreated in the truest and most authentic way possible.