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Freedom Moses offers world-class chill essentials. Colourful, genderless, ageless, timeless and most importantly – fun. If you want to buy Freedom Moses slides online, you can rest assured that they are cruelty-free and vegan. Featuring a light milk and honey scent, these slides are waterproof, hand washable, and so cosy, your feet will smile right back at you. By promoting a healthy lifestyle without harming Mama Earth, we aim to promote a chill lifestyle. They stand by their products and care about the people who produce them. Freedom Moses’s mission is to promote a chill lifestyle while not harming Mama Earth. When you buy Freedom Moses we can guarantee that we take responsibility by confirming on a regular basis that the factories we work with are audited and approved, offer fair wage and safe working conditions. Chill fashion is a way of life. What we wear is a window into what we believe in and a reflection of how we want the world to be. For us at Freedom Moses, making super comfy, vegan slides for you to chill in is our way of helping people everywhere be more conscious, more comfortable and one with Mama Earth. Freedom Moses vegan slides reflect how we connect with the world – with respect, love and freedom. Every slide they make incorporates those values. Stress free, responsible and mindful. You’ve heard the term eco-warrior, right ? They prefer eco-walker. Making a difference with every step you take.