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Born out of a garage in Oceanside CA, Brixton began with a group of friends who discovered their inspiration from the diversity of cultures that surrounded them. The Hooligan, a vintage-inspired newsboy cap, was the first step of the journey. There are times when a brand captures the mood of people’s lifestyles and ideals. Brixton is one such brand. Founded in 2004, Brixton is a timeless apparel brand aimed at appealing to a large collective of counter cultures. Out of Southern California they draw their inspiration from music, culture and the people who surround them. Now one of the more popular streetwear brands, Brixton has created timeless, clean designs. The collection is hard to duplicate and comes in a variety of styles that appeal to the individual in a modern but timeless way. Bringing people together through art, music, exploration and adventure. Brixton wanted to unite 
people from a variety of lifestyles. Creators and Builders: the musicians, artists, 
craftspeople, travellers – they are Brixton’s inspiration. While the brand was forged in Southern California, Brixton are inspired by the world 
around us and bring that inspiration to everything we do. Inspired by the past and built to live in the present, Brixton’s approach begins with classic silhouettes reinterpreted to meet the needs of modern living. Their products derive their inspiration from workwear through several generations – from mariners and aviators, to cowboys and labourers, and beyond. Simply put, Brixton’s apparel and headwear is inspired by the past, built to live in the present.