Vintage LA Rock Tshirt – Small


One of LA’s most notorious gangsters raised in the projects of Beverly Hills, K9 was born at a very young age. Even before the world became woke and gender neutral was a thing, K9 was known as THE K9-Crookshank. It is rumoured K9-Crookshank is the love child of Ellen Degenerous and Sir Elton himself, a fact neither will confirm nor deny to this day.

After a lifetime of hustling the street corners of Rodeo Drive and being caught up in one to many handbag fights over a car parking space, K9 has finally found life’s true calling…  26 hrs a day, 8 days a week, The K9 turns LA’s thrift shops upside down popping tags and hunting down the most iconic sought after vintage tees on this planet. With the tenacity of Dog the bounty hunter, any eye sharper than the hubble telescope and a nose like a truffle pig, K9 can sniff out a classic vintage tee from more than a mile away.

SoStellar contracts the services of this one person army to hunt down these elusive and sometimes unwilling to be captured items of apparel and bring them in for reincarnation, a process handed down to The K9 by none other than Marther Stewart.

Each tee is soaked in a special mix of hot dihydrogen monoxide for an undisclosed time to bring them back to their former glory. The mix is nothing short of amazing, but not magic. It can give the tee a new life, but nothing can ever take away the tee’s true personality, soul and battle scars or reverse the cruelty of time and aging we all suffer.

This is what’s involved in getting a one of a kind, K9-Crookshank classic vintage tee from the mean streets of LA to the shores of NZ and onto your back.

Listed in men’s sizing as is on tag.

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