Converse has always pushed the boundaries of what a sneaker can do. Whether you’re sinking three-pointers on the court. Hitting the half-pipe or need a pair of sneakers to survive your next rock concert, they have been there with you.

In some ways, you know us. Converse has been making footwear for over a century now, and now they're creating new street style classics.

You wear what defines sport, street, and creative culture, and we've always been redefining it with you. When you wear Converse products, you create a culture of authentic street style simply by being yourself.

Whether they’re on the feet of a basketball star in a history book or on the street with you today, Chucks have always signified cool. Because you wear them. We don’t know where you’ll go, but we know you’ll take Converse to the future with you.

Launched in 1908 by Marquis Mills as ‘Converse Rubber Shoe Company’, the company specialised in rubber-soled footwear for everyone. By 1910, Converse had begun manufacturing shoes daily, while in 1915, the company switched focus to creating athletic shoes.

However, it wasn’t until 1921 when Charles H. “Chuck” Taylor joined Converse after complaining to the sales office in Chicago about having sore feet. Chuck Taylor travelled across the country promoting the All Stars, creating such an impact that the sneaker was later renamed after him and his signature added on either side of the logo. By the 1930s, the All Star was being worn by basketball players throughout America thanks to the influence of Chuck Taylor.

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